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Note: Different events offer different options. This means all of the above may not be available for your event.

£1.50 postage and packing will be added to your order unless it is greater than £14.00

Welcome to our ordering website
The following pages show a sample order for a fictitious company Logo Gap
The order my photos website is a fully dynamic, meaning you are in charge of
Product, charges, discounts and postage fees
you are totally in control of your service.
look at some of the functionality that you can offer
Currently there is a early bird 10% discount code WZUET2
There is also a discount system place for certain products set for this job
look for this icon

Multiple Events
You have included images from multiple events. Multiple different events
may occur at the same location on the same date; for example, portraits
and groups taken on the same day. This is not a problem for ordering,
but each event is likely to have a different set of products available
(group products are generally different to portrait ones). Therefore when
an image from one event is selected the images from other events are
faded out to indicate the displayed products are not relevant to them.

Note: Images from multiple events cannot be mixed in Image Mixers.

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Zooming into images

How to zoom an image depends on your device:

On computers, zoom by hovering over areas of the image.

On mobile devices, tap and hold a thumbnail and then slide your finger to change the area you are zooming.

Scrolling your images

If there are more than 5 images available you will need to use the arrows, either side of your gallery, to view the rest of your images.

Using Favourites

Click the icon to add an image to your favourites.

Click the icon to remove an image from your favourites.

Then click the Show Favourites button to only view your favourites or the Show All button to view all your gallery.

Online Thumbnails Unavailable

You have some images with no thumbnails. The photographer has either not uploaded them yet or it may have been decided not to permit online viewing of these images.

You should have the thumbnails on your order form and it is fine to proceed with ordering them. Though first do double check that you have the image reference correct.

Quantity Discounts
Products with this symbol are eligible for our discount levels as shown below.
Mixer Packs

Products with this symbol mean you can mix multiple images in this pack.

Note: Images from different events cannot be mixed into the same pack.

Add On Products

Products with this symbol are only available after at least one item has been added to your cart.

Group Images

Some of your images are from an event with both indiviual and group images. To buy a group image an individual one must first be selected and its associated group image will be displayed just below it. Any products with the group icon (shown above) will be for that group image as opposed to the individual one.

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